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Matt (Administrator)

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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:39 pm

this is taxidermy and outdoors Forums, hereinafter The Forum, is a private Forum. Membership in the Forum is a privilege granted solely and exclusively by the Forum. Privileges may be terminated at any time, at the sole discretion of the Forum, and without notice.Posts appear on the Forum as they are entered. It is impossible to monitor each post in real time. The Forum will strive to ensure that all posts are polite, professional and conform to a "G" rating due to an absence of violence, sexual content and strong language. And further, it is the intent of the Forum to provide an atmosphere where every member, regardless of age, nationality, race, creed, political persuasion, sex, or level of education, shall be treated with the respect due them. This concept will be enforced with vigor.English is the language of the Forum. Posts using a language other than English must include a full and complete English translation.Members found to have multiple usernames can and will be removed at will.Posts containing personal attacks or harassing, inflammatory, vulgar, abusive, threatening, sexually-orientated, hateful, or obscene language is prohibited on this Forum. Posts violating this prohibition will be removed. A member who violates this prohibition may be banned from the Forum. This prohibition includes attempts to alter words or phrases to avoid technical violation of the rules. The Forum will act more harshly toward those who intended to achieve a violation of the intent of the Forum rules by "typing around the censors". The Forum expects and encourages the lively exchange of ideas and opinions. The Forum also expects these exchanges to be free of rancor and personal invectives. The rules are simple and clear for all. Be polite or be gone.Members who use the Forum as a storage site (photos, etc) will be banned. Such practices, which include techniques known as linking back, creates undue traffic, misuse of Forum bandwidth, and increased cost. PICTURE SIZE ...... All photos should have a MAXIMUM size of 1000W x 1000H, ... if the photos are larger, they may be deleted w/o notice.The Swap and Sell section of the Forum is established so that private individuals may engage in buying, selling and swapping of personal items. This is the only section of the forum where this activity is appropriate (With the exception of dogs which may be posted on the gun dog forum if you feel this is necessary and in the Traditional Archery forum(in addition to) the swap and sale forum). Users of the Swap and Sell section of the Forum are expected to refrain from making claims about a product which are exaggerated or untrue. When your item sells, please go in and EDIT the thread adding sold to the first post. Do not delete the thread. When selling a product on the Swap and Sell forum a SET price is required, we are not in the auction business.Except for NON-MASS produced products in the Hobby forum and the Custom Turkey Calls forum, commercial advertising in any form is not allowed on the general forum nor can it be included in Avatars or Signature Areas. This includes, but is not limited to, plugging your commercial website inside a post for any reason other than answering a question, including websites or phone numbers or commercial company names in your Avatar or in Signature Areas. Also, links to personal homepages/websites containing prices and products are not permitted except as specified above. You may request interested parties to PM you for prices or details of your offerings. Links will be removed by staff without notifcation if they are found to violate these rules.. Continue to surf the web and help members find good deals or information about products, but please leave your personal commercial interest at the door.Do not post any private message or private email on the Forum. These messages are intended by the author to be private. Communication of this type may be posted by Administrators of the Forum if they deem it appropriate material for the Forum.Opinions, comments and statements made or posted by members of the Forum are strictly those of the member. The Forum does not endorse or adopt any message hereon unless posted specifically by Administrators of the Forum. The Forum disclaims any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the content posted to the Forum by its members. The Forum reserves the right to delete any post at any time without notice. All original material posted to this site becomes the sole property of the Forum and may be used in any manner and for any purpose the Forum may choose.Any material deemed to be in poor taste or inflammatory to the forum and/or it's members can be removed arbitrarily by an ADMIN or MOD.Use of this Board in any manner constitutes acceptance of the rules and of this disclaimer. is a talk forum for what ever you would like to talk about. There will be no personal attacks on any one person. No profanity. No advertising for commercial profited web sites. The only web sight advertising allowed are outdoor related nonprofit sites. You may put your personal web site in yor profile. If any of the rules are broken that person is subject to be removed from the forum and the post or posts removed with out notice by the Administrator or the Moderator.
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