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 Bait piles

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PostSubject: Bait piles   Thu Sep 13, 2007 11:31 am


Howdy. I was running out my line at the first of the season, and found a dead cow!
right N. E of my N. E. set.
A great big one and fresh!
I was interested and kept tabs on old cow,
When ever I would hear a big howling it was as often as not right there at the dead cow. Every day I would check out the cow,
just walk past, and look... I never saw a cow ate up so fast!
In three days the head was ate!
In three weeks he was gone, bones left to chew on in the hard winter,
{if there is a winter as this is Texas} but that was all.
Yup Coyote will love your big bait!
Bait pile, dead hog, cow, you name it!
Blind trail sets!
trap or snare!
Coyote will come,


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Bait piles
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