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 Bobcat bait windfall!

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PostSubject: Bobcat bait windfall!   Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:16 pm

Bobcat bait windfall

Howdy, Ya'll, I have had a stroke of good luck !
I have been running a pretty good coon line, but nothing special.
A friend who I have known for 43 years, since the fourth grade!
And happens to be the manager of a feed store,
called and said he has had a big chicken die off,
because of a recent freeze.
And he knew I was trapping and needed chickens.
I have called and gone by many times looking for bait,
feathers even.
"Jack, he said:
I have three feed sacks full of fresh dead chickens!
Come and get them!

My first thought was Bobcat!
And how they are quite fond of chickens.
I will get on over there tomorrow morning.
Good old Randy.
I have been having a hard time with bait,
I haven't trapped in 14 years, since all my Hounds were poisoned or gut shot by some cowardly brothers named Hall,
present address Huntsville Texas. [Prison}
It broke my heart,
but something happened when I was in this coma!

People don't dream while in Comas.
I was 'out' for 10 weeks,
only once did I have a dream
...but it wasn't a dream.
It was a vision from God.
I saw my best Walker hound Cotton Joe.
He was all muscled up, his fur just shined,
and he looked like he did while at his best, in his life.
It took Joe three months to die.
He suffered the most and was my favorite.

In the vision, Joes eyes were full of tears,
he couldn't speak because he was a dog, of course,
but he spoke to me telepathically, his lips didn't move.
God fixed it up somehow.

"Jack, we all really suffered when we died, me most of all. "
"But we are all O.K. now"!
"All of us,
I have been 2-3-4 dogs since then, its been 12 years!
You are the only one still suffering and it hurts me!

"You are getting old, and you are missing your life!
You never got another hound.
You never set another trap.
You never hunted at all,
You drink beer and ride that motorcycle up to that beer joint way out in the country late at night.
You sit on the back porch alone,
you never talk to anybody and you don't have any friends.
We would all be there with you if we could, but we can't"!
" Get you some hounds and go hunting"!

And I woke up.
So, after all that, I am the beneficiary of three sackfulls of dead chickens! Great big ones!
How ones luck can turn around when you least expect it!
I really needed this! I have the sets already layed out and I will have a dozen of my favorite Bobcat sets out by sundown tomorrow easy! And a dozen the next day.

The trapline is bringing my health and my spirit back.
It is what I live for and what I get up for in the morning.
The memorys come flooding back.
Every day on the line makes me stronger.
Bobcats will make me rich!
Well.. at least not quite so broke.
My new hound Sandy May is incredably smart!
She will be a great hound.

Thank you
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buckrub (moderator)

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PostSubject: Re: Bobcat bait windfall!   Wed Oct 17, 2007 6:38 am

thats sad about your old dogs
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Matt (Administrator)

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PostSubject: Re: Bobcat bait windfall!   Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:27 pm

good for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Bobcat bait windfall!   Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:23 pm

Thanks y'all,

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PostSubject: Re: Bobcat bait windfall!   

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Bobcat bait windfall!
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