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 'Old Ernie' the fur buyer

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PostSubject: 'Old Ernie' the fur buyer   Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:13 am

'Old Ernie' the fur buyer

It looks like the 'over supply' is easing.
Now the only problem is the economy,
which may have been the reason for the over supply.

Now I hear lots of fur goes overseas.
I was a kid in the 60's when I was learning about the trail and the trapline.
We never sold fur, didn't know who to sell it to.
We would hang them on our bedroom walls till all the hair fell out.
But I knew a guy...
{uh oh, here he goes again}
{ And I get kicked off more forums? }
Something, in nearly every one of my 'rememberances'
is offensive to someone.}

But here goes,

I would guess about 1975,
I was driving past a place I had seen before and it had caught my interest.
I had time so stopped into this old gas station.

'Fur Buyer!' the sign said,

I gets out and this old guy old Ernie, came up to me and said:
"Fill her up?"
I says no sir, I am a trapper and have been seeing your sign
every time I drive by, and I just stopped to visit.
We talked and the most memorable thing he said,
was when I asked him about the part of the sign that said:
{House cats}

You buy housecats?
Yup, old Ernie said.
How much?
Oh about $1.50 for a good one.
What do they do with house cats?
They send them over to China where they make
'Rabbit coats' out of them.

Dern clever them Chinese.

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'Old Ernie' the fur buyer
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